A photo of Y-40 pool in Italy
March 2024 Trip to Y-40

Apnea Center and 20 students embraced thrilling adventures, achieving personal bests and forging lasting friendships at Y-40 in Padua. Anticipation brews for our next visit.


A photo of Y-40 pool in Italy
Oct 2023 Deep Camp in Y-40

In late October, Apnea Center hosted an exhilarating freediving training weekend at Y-40 in Padua, Italy, drawing in 20 passionate freedivers from Zurich, Switzerland.

A group photo of freedivers in Tenerife
Sep 2023 Deep Camp in Tenerife

In September 2023, the Apnea Center successfully hosted its second freediving camp in Tabaiba, Tenerife. Our 15 divers expressed immense satisfaction with their progress over the week.

3 freedivers diving in one of the cenotes in Mexico
Jun 2023 Freediving Trip to Mexico

In June 2023, a co-owner of Apnea Center opted to undertake freedive training alongside two friends in Mexico. The trio found themselves captivated by the stunning cenotes.