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Welcome to Apnea Center, where the enchanting realm of freediving unfolds before you in a tapestry of unparalleled experiences!

Our mission at Apnea Center is to not only equip you with the essential skills and knowledge but also to be your companion in every step of your freediving journey. Whether you are a novice eager to explore the depths or an experienced freediver seeking to refine your techniques, we are dedicated to providing an immersive and transformative experience that goes beyond conventional boundaries.

At Apnea Center Zurich, immerse yourself in the beauty of Zurich's lakes, offering a captivating backdrop for your underwater adventures. Meanwhile, our location in Dubai, United Arab Emirates immerses you in the beauty of coastal wonders and warm, azure waters, offering a contrasting yet equally captivating backdrop for your underwater adventures.

Embark on a journey with us and discover the art of breath-hold diving through our expert courses that are meticulously crafted to cater to individuals of all skill levels. Our seasoned instructors, passionate about the art of freediving, will guide you with precision and expertise, ensuring that you unlock your full potential in the water.

But Apnea Center is not just about courses; it is a hub of holistic well-being. Delve into our breath training sessions that go beyond the aquatic realm. Learn relaxation techniques that will not only serve you underwater but will also become valuable tools in navigating the currents of everyday life.

Beyond the training, Apnea Center invites you to indulge your wanderlust with our bespoke travel experiences. Picture yourself exploring stunning underwater landscapes, forging connections with like-minded adventurers, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

To complement your journey, we offer a meticulously curated selection of premium freediving equipment. From cutting-edge gear to stylish apparel, our collection is a testament to our commitment to quality and your comfort.

At Apnea Center, we are not just a training facility; we are a community of individuals united by a shared love for freediving. Join us, and let's explore the depths of the underwater world together.

Our Team

Tobi profile
Switzerland & UAE

Tobi spent his professional career in the financial industry before he founded Apnea Center in 2021 to inspire as many people as possible with his hobby. He travels a lot around the world, always looking for the best spots for freediving. Tobi is an AIDA Instructor Trainer, a Molchanovs and PADI master instructor and a certified instructor for EFR/ Primary & Secondary Care. He is also certified by AIDA as a Youth Instructor and was trained as a Relaqua Trainer.

Chris profile

Chris is a Zurich based Swiss-Peruvian AIDA Freediving Instructor with a passion for water sports. His love for travel has taken him around the world, sharing his enthusiasm for freediving with others. Chris has been trained by several multiple world and national record holders and puts a strong focus on stretching, deep relaxation and pranayama breathing exercises. If not in the water, Chris is a food lover who enjoys finding the best kept restaurant secrets.

Jorge profile

Jorge, born in Sao Paolo, raised in Barcelona, and currently based in Zurich, is an AIDA and PADI Freediving and EFR Instructor with a profound passion for the sport. He focuses on cultivating positive emotions, relaxation, and enjoyment in every dive, offering enthusiasts an enriching experience. In addition to instruction, Jorge takes pleasure in capturing and editing underwater videos, sharing captivating stories with the world.

Baba profile

Baba, a Dubai-based freediving instructor originally from Syria, embarked on his freediving journey in 2018 with a distinct purpose. Initially drawn to the sport as a passionate spearfisher seeking to enhance bottom time and refine technique, Baba quickly became captivated by the world of freediving. With expertise as a spearfishing coach and AIDA Instructor, Baba brings a unique blend of skill to the underwater realm and continuously pursues excellence.

Chris profile

Roberto, a fervent chess player, embarked on his freediving journey in 2017 when he relocated to Playa del Carmen to explore the cenotes. His swimming background made it easy for him to progress quickly. As an avid competitor, he has conquered the renowned -100m mark and holds five national records. A certified AIDA Master Instructor, Roberto delights in imparting his passion for freediving to others. He is a perfectionist, who will always give his best.

Rejelle profile
Switzerland & UAE

Rejelle grew up by the sea in Australia, so water has always been her element. Her main job is still in pharmaceutical research and her hobbies include water as well as mountain sports, and especially yoga. Rejelle started freediving in 2019, mainly to improve her air consumption while scuba diving. She became so passionate about the sport that she is now PADI certified as an instructor for both freediving and EFR/ Primary & Secondary Care.

Marcin profile

Marcin, born in Poland and based in Dubai, is enthusiastic and ambitious not only in sports but also in his profession. He is an avid fitness and yoga fan and has been training martial arts for over a decade. He has a very good understanding of pressure equalization, not least due to his own challenges he faced in the early stages of his apnea career. Marcin is an instructor according to AIDA and is available for training and coaching at numerous dive sites in Europe and the Middle East.

Urs profile

Urs simply loves the water. He has been diving since the early eighties, and over the years he has discovered his passion for diving on one single breath. When freediving he finds the necessary calmness and relaxation to experience the underwater world in a new dimension. Urs is an experienced PADI scuba and EFR instructor, as well as PADI and SSI freediving instructor. He enjoys sharing his passion with anybody who wishes to experience space and time.

Sarah profile

Sarah is a doer. As an economist and mediator, she has a hands-on mentality and is close to nature and outdoors. A a spontaneous and cheerful person, she enjoys working with people. Sarah loves water, the sea and traveling. She is a Molchanovs instructor and is excited to share her passion for freediving. She loves to accompany people in coaching, especially in leadership topics. Sarah is from Canton of Solothurn and offers training mainly in the central area of Switzerland.

Henry profile

Henry is also originally from Australia, but he is at home in many countries around the world. If you don’t find him in Bali, Croatia, Tenerife or Doha, he is in his van on his way to new adventures in the deep. Henry is a long-time scuba instructor according to PADI, SSI and Naui. In 2016, he came to freediving via spearfishing. After successfully overcoming some physiological hurdles in pressure equalization, Henry is also a certified freediving instructor according to Molchanovs since 2021.

Marvin profile

Marvin grew up in Texas (USA) and now lives and works in Zurich. He is an AIDA Freediving Instructor who began his adventure in an attempt to conquer his fear of deep water. Freediving has now become Marvin’s number one passion and is an integral part of his life. He has learned to have fun and overcome his obstacles in freediving through specific strategies, relaxation exercises, and visualization. In short, Marvin considers freediving to be life changing in more ways than one.

Alex profile

Alex, our hands-free equalization maestro, is passionate about food, particularly Italian cuisine, and possesses guitar skills reminiscent of Eric Clapton. As a versatile individual, we are delighted to have him on our team as an AIDA instructor. Alex is fluent in several languages, including Russian, Spanish, and English, Alex showcases his linguistic prowess. Beyond the water, you’ll often find him in front of a computer, excelling as a software expert and programmer.

Bik profile

Bik, was born in Vietnam and is now based in Dubai. For her, freediving is not just a sport – it’s a way of life. It gives her the opportunity to connect with nature in a way that is impossible in any other sport. Bik is an AIDA Instructor and she is constantly learning and honing her skills to become an even better freediver. She enjoys helping and assisting others to discover their own passion for the ocean.

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