In May 2023, ran its first freediving instructor course in the UAE. It was combined with two student freediving courses (beginners and advanced) in order to provide the instructor candidate with plenty of real teaching situations. In the mornings, we travelled several times to Dibba in Fujairah, where the freediving courses took place. All students had a lot of fun and really enjoyed great conditions on the boats and in the water. One day, we were visited by an adult black tip shark, which was circling our buoy while our students were doing their deep dives. After the dives we enjoyed delicious food at the local restaurants in Dibba. The pool sessions for the static requirements were organized in various hotel pools, while for the dynamic requirements we had access to public pools – all in Dubai. We are delighted to welcome all newly certified students to our Dubai freediving community and hope to see them again soon.

Boat Taking Us Freediving

A selfie of apnea center freedivers on the boat before getting in the water to complete their courses requirements in Fujeirah UAE

Constant No Fins CNF Technique

A freediver is performing a decent with constant no fins CNF discipline in open water in Fujeirah UAE

Practicing Constant No Fins CNF

A freediver is performing a constant no fins CNF discipline in open water in Fujeirah UAE

Relaxation Upside Down

A freediver preparing for his dive with breath up and relaxation in open water in Fujeirah UAE.

Instructor Feedback on The Buoy

A freediving instructor trainer is giving feedback to a freediving instructor candidate after his dive in Fujeirah UAE.

Dynamic No Fins DNF in The Pool

A freediver is performing dynamic no fins DNF discipline in the pool in Dubai UAE.

Instructor Candidate and His Student in Static Apnea Training

Instructor candidate teaching static apnea discipline to a student in the pool in Dubai UAE.

Preparing for Static Maximum Attempt

A freediver is breathing up and relaxing before her maximum attempt in static apnea discipline in the pool in Dubai UAE.

Vietnamese Lunch to Replenish Energy Stores After Freediving

Apnea center team eating Vietnamese lunch to replenish energy stores after freediving