What is freediving

Freediving, apnea diving, breath-hold diving – all these terms describe not only a sport, but also an attitude to life in which the desire for freedom is at the center.

Generally speaking, freediving is the ability to dive as long, as deep or as far as possible under water with only one breath and without any technical aids. But freediving is much more, it is a philosophy of life.

In freediving, you go through a constant learning process that takes you not only to your physical limits, but also to the inside of your own body and mind. In the process, you reach realms not yet known to you. Surrounded by perfect blue as far as the eye can see, you learn to understand the language of your body and its signals.

You learn to slow down your heartbeat, completely relax your body and mind, and escape the urge to breathe for a while. In the moment of the seemingly infinite underwater world, time and space no longer seem to matter. Here there is no noise, no distraction, no place for stress, sorrow or worries.

The path to freediving may not only be calm or peaceful, and you will surely encounter difficulties and obstacles. The key is to accept this with an open heart and encounter those situations with compassion in order to learn and progress.

Are you ready to start the journey into your inner self? If so, you’ll find an overview of the courses we offer below. Of course, we are also available for customized individual or group training (e.g. pressure equalization, freefall, mouth-fill). We will be delighted to make to teach children and teenagers and we have the appropriate rental equipment in stock. Just send us a short message and we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

Our freediving courses

Our freediving courses

Beginner 1:
PADI Basic Freediver

This course is perfect for the introduction to freediving. Besides an extensive theory block, it is mainly about the technique in time and distance diving.

It is a one-day course. However, it can be extended to PADI Freediver/ AIDA**/ WAVE 1 with another day in open water. Required equipment can be rented for € 30 per day.

Requirements: None
Price: From 250 €… including e-learning and certification.


Beginner 2:
PADI Freediver

This course is for water sports enthusiasts who already have some experience in snorkeling and diving (Basic Freediver). In this course diving with breath-hold in open water is deepened. Different pressure equalization and descent techniques will be explained, and first experiences in “deep diving” will be gained. The equipment can be rented from us for € 30 per day.

The course duration is one day. In case of a combined course (i.e. including PADI Basic Freediver or AIDA*) at least two days are needed.

 2:00 minutes static, 40 meters dynamic, 12 meters deep
Price: From 270 €… including e-learning and certification.


Advanced 1:
PADI Advanced Freediver
AIDA ***, WAVE 2

This course is for those who already have a PADI Freediver, AIDA ** or WAVE 1 certification and want to improve their technique in “deep diving”. The focus is on special pressure equalization techniques, perfect breathing and free fall. Static and dynamic apnea diving play an equally important role in this course. Equipment can be rented for € 30 per day, but we recommend – if available – to bring your own equipment. The course duration is at least two days.

Requirements: 2:45 minutes static, 55 meters dynamic, 24 meters deep
Price: From 460 €… including e-learning and certification.


Advanced 2:
PADI Master Freediver
AIDA ****, WAVE 3

This course is on request and will take place with at least two participants. The content of this course is about diving in depths of more than 32 meters. The lung volume is then usually in at its residual range, so that it is recommended to learn a new pressure equalization technique – the mouth-fill. Learning this technique is the focus of this course. The course duration is at least two days.

Requirements: 3:30 minutes static, 70 meters dynamic, 32 meters deep
Price: From 520 €… including e-learning and certification.