Our breathing courses

In our opinion, our breathing is one of the most important tools for a healthy, vital, and happy life. Whether you want to improve your performance in sports, seek more relaxation and balance in everyday life, improve your immune system and health, or heal stuck emotions from past experiences, breathing plays a central key role.

Take responsibility for your health, vitality and happiness in life back into your own hands and learn the art of breathing correctly. With every single breath your lungs support the detoxification process in your organism and supply every muscle, every organ and every single cell with fresh oxygen. How you breathe influences your oxygen supply and this in turn influences your immune system, your well-being and the energy you have available every day.

If you realize that you breathe every single moment of your life, try to imagine the enormous difference it can make if you optimize this very process. What a difference it can make when your body can absorb more energy and vitality with every single breath. Improving your breathing habits means improving your overall quality of life.

In our breathwork course you will learn theory and practice everything you need to get into the habit of healthier breathing in your life. In addition to our breathing workshops, we also offer guided breathing journeys with conscious connected breathing. This more therapeutic approach offers a very safe and easy way to enter into a different state of consciousness to transform stuck emotions and open you up to your healing process.

During a breath journey, you connect with your authentic self and rebalance your mind while detoxifying your body and strengthening your immune system.

Breathing workshop

Our breathing workshops usually last about 3-4 hours and take place outdoors in a beautiful location, weather permitting. The content of the course is a selection of different breathing exercises from Pranayama.

Price: From EUR 75 incl. course material.


Breath journey

The breathing journey usually lasts around 3 hours and through conscious connected breathing one is transported into a state of consciousness, in which emotional blockages can be released. At the end of the course it is shown how the experiences made during the breathing journey can be integrated into everyday life.

Price: From EUR 75 incl. course material