About us

About us

Who we are

apnea center is a platform of independent freediving instructors and was founded in 2021. We offer a wide range of freediving, relaxation and breathwork courses as well as regular trainings, among others in and around Zurich, Switzerland. At apnea center you can learn freediving in line with the guidelines of AIDA, Molchanovs or PADI (on request also combined) and deepen your knowledge with our trainers. Our relaxation workshops follow Nik Linder’s Relaqua method, and our breathwork courses are very much influenced by the Pranayama philosophy. In Central Europe we are not exactly spoiled by warm waters, therefore we regularly organise trips to tropical countries and warmer temperatures. The apnea center team together speaks a total of eight languages and would love to relax and dive with you.

Our team

Our team

Switzerland Team

A photo of Tobi.


Tobi spent his professional career in the financial industry before he founded apnea.center in 2021 to inspire as many people as possible with his hobby. He travels a lot around the world, always looking for the best spots for freediving. Tobi is an AIDA, Molchanovs and PADI master instructor and a certified instructor for EFR/ Primary & Secondary Care. He is also certified by AIDA as a Youth Instructor and was trained as a Relaqua Trainer.

A photo of Chris.


Chris is a Zurich based Swiss-Peruvian AIDA Freediving Instructor with a passion for water sports. His love for travel has taken him around the world, sharing his enthusiasm for freediving with others along the way. Chris has been trained by several multiple world and national record holders and puts a strong focus on stretching, deep relaxation and pranayama breathing exercises. If not in the water, Chris is a food lover who enjoys finding the best kept restaurant secrets out there.

A photo of Jorge.


Jorge is also co-owner of apnea.center and was born in Sao Paolo, grew up in Barcelona, and is now based in Zurich. He is an AIDA and PADI Freediving and EFR Instructor and is incredibly passionate about freediving. Jorge focuses on the positive emotions, relaxation, and having fun on every dive. Additionally, he enjoys capturing and editing underwater videos to share stories with the world.

A photo of Phil.


Phil is a passionate breathwork coach as well as a freediving instructor certified by both AIDA and PADI. He teaches his clients how to connect with their true essence using their breath to re-access their inner power. His deep heart project is to organize workshops, events and retreats to bring freediving, breathwork and movement to a motivated community to grow together.

A photo of Rejelle.


Rejelle grew up by the sea in Australia, so water has always been her element. Her main job is still in pharmaceutical research and her hobbies include water as well as mountain sports, and especially yoga. Rejelle started freediving in 2019, mainly to improve her air consumption while scuba diving. She became so passionate about the sport that she is now PADI certified as an instructor for both freediving and EFR/ Primary & Secondary Care.

A photo of Urs.


Urs simply loves the water. He has been diving since the early eighties, and over the years he has discovered his passion for diving on one single breath. When freediving he finds the necessary calmness and relaxation to experience the underwater world in a new dimension. Urs is an experienced PADI scuba and EFR instructor, as well as PADI and SSI freediving instructor. He enjoys sharing his passion with anybody who wishes to experience space and time in an exceptional way.“

UAE Team

A photo of Marcin.


Marcin, born in Poland and based in Dubai, is enthusiastic and ambitious not only in sports but also in his profession. He is an avid fitness and yoga fan and has been training martial arts for over a decade. He has a very good understanding of pressure equalization, not least due to his own challenges he faced in the early stages of his apnea career. Marcin is an instructor according to AIDA and is available for training and coaching at numerous dive sites in Europe and the Middle East.

A photo of Abdulrahman Albaba aka Baba.


Baba, born in Syria and based in Dubai, was driven by an ulterior motive to start freediving in 2018. As a keen spear-fisher, his main aim was to have a longer bottom time and to improve his technique. However, once he started freediving, he was hooked. He loves the sport for the mental discipline it has taught him. Baba is a spear-fishing coach and a certified AIDA Assistant Instructor.

A photo of Bik.


Bik, was born in Vietnam and is now based in Dubai. For her, freediving is not just a sport – it’s a way of life. It gives her the opportunity to connect with nature in a way that is impossible in any other sport. Bik is an AIDA Assistant Instructor and she is constantly learning and honing her skills to become an even better freediver.  She enjoys helping and assisting others to discover their own passion for the ocean.

A photo of Henry.


Henry is also originally from Australia, but he is at home in many countries around the world. If you don’t find him in Bali, Croatia, Tenerife or Doha, he is in his van on his way to new adventures in the deep. Henry is a long-time scuba instructor according to PADI, SSI and Naui. In 2016, he came to freediving via spearfishing. After successfully overcoming some physiological hurdles in pressure equalization, Henry is also a certified freediving instructor according to Molchanovs since 2021.